AEL has partnered with the leading M&V and renewable energy companies, allowing us to offer our clients endless capabilities to capture the maximum energy savings and ROI for any project. We can assure you that all energy savings options will be considered on every project, no matter how big or small.


Lighting is not all that we bring to the table. AEL is a proud partner of Facilitrak Corporation. Their proprietary revenue grade metering system, Facilitrak™, allows larger users to track all of their energy consumption across thousands of data points and is fully scalable. This allows the user to find and eliminate wasted power sources and gives them an upper hand in negotiating their rate with their service provider. For more information on all of Facilitrak product offerings visit http://facilitrak.com/

AEL has partnered with Francis Renewable Energy, LLC to bring holistic approaches to energy saving through solar and geothermal applications. A full service renewable energy sources provider, Francis Renewable Energy, LLC makes switching to green technologies easier than ever before. Services include free consultations, custom installation by industry experts, service and maintenance for the lifetime of your FRE Geothermal product, and a $0 upfront cost financing plan. For more information on all of FRE’s product offerings visit http://frerenewable.com/