buyer's guide

An LED light bulb is the perfect light source when the correct temperature (kelvin) and light output (lumens) are selected. Most people get confused between the two and select a bulb that is not the right temperature for their environment. They are happy with the amount of light output but the color does not match their previous lighting.

Here are a few tips to go by when selecting your LED bulbs:

  • In most residential interior applications, you should select a 2700K – 30000K bulb to replace all your incandescent bulbs. This will allow the closest look possible to your previous lighting.

  • Outdoor applications can vary depending on your desired look and current landscape lighting. A cool 5700K-6000K temperature will resemble moonlight and give your outdoor spaces that full moon look. If you would like a look more in line with a warm glowing fire then we suggest 2700K.

  • For kitchens, work areas, woodshops and workshops, we suggest a neutral color 4000K. This will allow for the truest color in those working conditions that require natural lighting.

  • Always check the LEDs you are purchasing for their lumen output and replacement comparison chart. This will help guide you in selecting the proper light output for your incandescent or CFL replacement.

  • Above all when selecting an LED product, you should read all the fine print and warranties. Not all LEDs are made the same and their lifetime ratings vary greatly.